Posted by: Larry Stevens | April 16, 2010

Boise Homes: Spring is for Staging!

Great Boise home selling tips from your Boise Realtor at AA Realtors Boise! We provide the best homes in Idaho and can even help you sell your current home for the best price possible! Enjoying reading this latest Boise Realtor blog article to learn how you can spruce up your home to get it ready to sell! Spring is in the air and it’s time to get your house ready to SELL. Visual details are often the very first thing potential buyers will notice and make sure your house is clean and tidy is really only the first step to getting your home ready to be sold!

It all starts at the curbside. This will be the first thing buyers see when they roll up and truly it can make or break a deal, no matter what other awesome features your home might offer.

• Claim the yard. Don’t let the first impressions be the LAST one. Spruce up curb appeal by maintaining a clean yard, adding plants for a splash of color and applying a fresh coat of paint to the front door. Keep the yard trimmed and weed free and wash down the exterior of any dirt that might have settled over the long winter months.

• Foyers are for flourishing. That first step into the house can be a big deciding moment. The home portal sets the tone for the entire home. Make the space up-to-date, well-maintained and eye catching — top to bottom. Clear any toys or clutter from the entrance to your home, use lightly scented air freshers or plugins to give the air a fresh scent.

• Beige is the new boring. Don’t let neutral colored walls dominate a room much less your entire home. Splashes of color can liven up boring spaces. Throw pillows, artwork and fresh flowers add pops of color and personality – a nice area rug can really tie the room together.

• Kitchens shouldn’t be crazy. Keeping things consistent is a big plus. All countertops and cabinets should match or compliment the overall area. New hardware, a new backsplash and a thorough cleaning can transform a bleak kitchen into one with smiles. If it is financially feasible consider any updates to
the countertops or flooring that might be needed.

• Declutter the Dining room. De-cluttering and depersonalizing is the first rule of home staging. It can be hard for homebuyers to envision living in a home that’s full of the seller’s personal items. You want your home to be welcoming, clean, and open not necessarily filled with your personal tastes.

• Find focal point faux-pas. You can highlight the great features of your home by positioning furniture to showcase them. Fireplaces and window views will be noticed by a buyer if they are positioned in a way that they become the focus of the room.

• Patio perks! Your living space doesn’t end at the back door! You can capture a higher selling price by cleaning and adding style to any outdoor space with furniture, landscaping, and accessories.

• Be Master of the master suite. Work with what you’ve got – you’ll save time and money! Using what is already part of the room,repositioning the furniture, and making your master suite inviting will highlight the room’s best features.

• Beware bathroom blues. Old grandma wallpaper or outdated fixtures can kill a perfectly good bathroom! Apply a fresh coat of neutral-hued paint and new hardware to modernize and brighten.

• Repurpose rooms. It’s not an extra bedroom it’s a BONUS room! Or an executive office suite! People are funny but sometimes it is all in the name; the value of a space decreases when homebuyers see a room without direction. Almost every homeowner is guilty of having a “junk room”, but at least for the time during which you are showing your home, that’s now your “library” instead!

The REAL secret to getting homes in Boise sold? Working with a quality Boise Realtor is the first step and AA Realtors Boise provides the best service and skills in the Treasure Valley. Give us a call or visit our Boise Realtor website to learn more about real estate in Boise and how a qualified Realtor can help you!

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