Posted by: Larry Stevens | April 16, 2010

Tips for Boise Realtors

Thanks for visiting my Boise Realtor blog here on WordPress. Being a great Realtor means alot more than just knowing the rules and regulations, it means knowing your Boise Idaho Real Estate clients on a one-to-one personal basis. AA Realtors Boise always strives to provide the best Boise Realtor services by adding that little human touch that goes so far. You are more than a name on a client file, you are the very soul of our business in real estate, and providing you with the best Boise Realtor services is what we do! Now here is a tip for all the other Realtors out there on some interesting studies in how people are relating to technology in Real Estate:

Creating and converting leads is one of the key factors to the success not only of your digital presence but also your business itself. Many Fortune 500 speakers, trainers, and executives will tell you alot of their time is focused on generating leads – shortly after which they will lay down the sales pitch for you to buy their “proven steps to !! 1,000’s !! of guaranteed leads generated”. If you’ve been in the internet rodeo for a while you’ve likely heard a hundred get rich quick super sales turn around pitches like these, hopefully you haven’t fallen for any of them, but chances are if you did it was a costly lesson learned.

Fact is: Creating leads is EASY – converting them into returns is NOT!

The real challenge you see isn’t merely creating, or even capturing leads. There are literally thousands of ways for agents to generate leads:

farming/ card camapaigns
cold calling
direct mail
drip emails
newsletter campaigns
calling your sphere
your Realtor website
calling past clients craigslist
relocation referrals
social networking
and the dread…open houses!

The list is really endless with unlimited sources from which to create leads.  Each with its own ratio of success attached to it.The true difficulty is turning those leads into something once you’ve got them – and honestly, it’s where alot of agents drop the ball.

There are agents who generate most if not all of their business from only one of these sources, not all or a combination. Heard the phrase: Do one thing and do it well? Sometimes it’s true. But then sometimes more IS more. You have to find what works best for your particular skills and talents.

It’s almost a dirty word but it brings results: Open Houses. There are agents who are generating a LOAD of referrals and new business from these face to face meetings. Getting out there on their Saturdays and Sundays. It’s almost a paradox: more and more people are finding Realtors online – but at the same time more and more consumers are going back to relying on that face-to-face time, especially when it’s something as potentially frightening as buying a home! But those are just one method to get the leads rolling in…

Need the hard numbers to prove getting the leads alone isn’t the problem?

I get the same snake oil emails that you do every day – GUARANTEED lead generation! #1 on Google! The latest internet guru was touting his latest client gained 60 transactions a year and generated over 1,200 leads a month…but let’s do some math people: even at over 14,000 leads a year he only reallyhad a conversion rate of those leads of about .00416 ! Less than 1/2 of 1% of all the thousands of leads that came in, had to be viewed, processed, replied to or referred, for WHAT !?

This leads us to conclude that either the quality of the leads is very poor, or that the agent himself has no idea of how to properly handle and convert the mad flow of leads raining down on him. Truth is, it very likely could be a combination of the two, but in any case the result is a large quantity of  time, energy, and money spent on something providing little return.

Fact is: quality leads costs money and time to create AND convert.

Don’t for a second think that managing your leads is going to be a free lunch scenario. You are either going to have to invest your own time to nuture these contacts, or very likely pay someone to do it for you. So what works? Well, all of the above ideas can certain help but it’s a strange contradiction in this technology driven industry that getting face-to-face with the client can really be key.

Creatings leads is the lifeblood of your business; but managing, and converting them to face-to-face meetings is the heart of your business the keeps the flow going. You can create and capture leads until the cows come home, but until the master the art of the follow-up the true rewards from these hard won contacts will be beyond you. It can be as simple as a phone call, or setting up a time to meet over coffee. Get in touch and get face-to-face – thats where the buyer confidence lives.

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