Posted by: Larry Stevens | December 9, 2010

Young Boise Home Buyer Tips

Here are some great tips from your Boise Realtor Larry Stevens for potential future Boise Home Buyers! It’s really never too early to start planning for your future; starting out with a well established financial base can not only help you towards the dream of owning a home but will also help make life a bit easier in countless ways down the road.

Many people think that just because they are just starting out, or are young that buying a home just isn’t on their radar. Naturally at a younger age there are plenty of other things to focus on like academics, sports, a social life, dating and career goals – but the concept of starting early to be prepared for home ownership makes good sense in more than one way.

1. Good Credit, Good History.
Establishing good credit and spending habits with a favorable credit history is the base of a good financial future, whether or not you ever buy a home. If you get a credit card, use it responsibly. Applying for an automobile loan is also a good way to establish credit as well. They key to keeping your credit good and creating a strong history is to always make payments on time every month. If you already have a large amount of debt or have large student loans take a free workshop from the non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

2. A Penny Saved…
Is a good place to start saving for some of the lesser thought of costs of buying a home like the down payment and closing costs. It’s still possible to buy a home in many parts of the country without a lot of savings unless you are buying in a high-cost housing area. Starting to save early is not only wise when working toward future home ownership but also another one of those things that can benefit your financial standing overall.

3. Well Read is Well Armed.
There are countless numbers of books, blogs, and websites about responsible financial management FULL of ideas and tips on how you can best manage your money for success – both as a potential home buyer and as a successful person.Take notes. Make a financial plan for yourself.

4.Where is your Dreamhome?
Do a little research on where you’d like to live. Many young people assume they’ll be living in their home town or have fanciful ideas of relocating to a bustling metropolis without really looking into what they may entail. For instance, your home town while nice may be small and just not offer the job opportunities for the career you follow, likewise a big city may have more opportunity but have such a high cost of living that it is unrealistic to consider living there. Look not only into area amenities but also cost of living, and what travel distances might be required for your future work or family obligations as well.

5. Talk to a Qualified Idaho REALTOR.
It’s never too early to start getting informed. Try talking to local area REALTORs. Many are online these days and will gladly take the chance to talk to you about a good plan of progress towards home ownership. Let them know you may not be looking for a home now but are interested in learning what a good course of action would be in getting ready when the time does come. They will have good insight on not only all the technical aspects of home buying but also cost of living information as well as the know-how you’ll need down the road.

Some good Questions to ask:

  • Is housing affordable in this area?
  • How much money would I need to save in order to buy a home?
  • What advice would you give me about planning my financial future?
  • Would you recommend some books that I might like to read about buying a home?

Do you have Idaho real estate questions? Talk to a Boise REALTOR that has experience and knows the market – Larry Stevens of AA REALTORS Boise! He is glad to answer your questions and help you get started looking for the right Boise home for you! He specializes in Boise Homes, Kuna Homes, Meridian Homes and real estate throughout the Treasure Valley!

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