Posted by: Larry Stevens | March 3, 2011

Boise Home Buyer Tip: Dreamhome Checklist

There are many things to consider when looking for that perfect home in Boise. It’s a good idea to sit down and make a list BEFORE you even start looking for the right Idaho home for you. Here are some good things to work into your dream home checklist:

Location, Location, Location:
Do you need to be near public transportation? How far of a drive is it to work, groceries, or the kids school? All these things and more are important to consider when looking for that perfect place. Is it important to be near the hustle and bustle, or away from it?

Fixer-upper vs. Move-in ready:
Many home buyers are anxious to buy a fixer-upper in order to make their mark on a new property; are confident in their renovating skills or eager to hone them. Another good thing about fixer-uppers is that they can also cost considerably less to a new move in ready home. Unfortunately many times the burden of the move can often overshadow or completely cancel the well intentioned updates that were so much a part of the initial home buying plan. It is important to consider all sides of this situation before you buy to keep from taking on more than you are ready to handle.

Too Cool for Schools:
Consider not only the closeness of available schools but also the quality. Everyone knows that the policy and level of service can range widely from school to school. Visiting schools around where your dream home is located is good practice, meet the faculty and find out which school will fit your needs best.

Potato, potahto. Some people like the clean lines and light spaces of a modern design, others enjoy the warm charm of a Victorian home. Look through magazines and websites, read up on architcture and decide what style of home might best fit your taste.

Future Upgrades:
There are any number of upgrades inside and out that home buyers love. Consider how easily these items might work into your new home; whether they can even be done at all. Upgrades differe from fixing up something that is broken or worn in a home, upgrades are all about adding value to your new space not only for your enjoyment but to mature your investment.

Good Neighbors good fences:
Be sure and consider the neighborhood you will be calling home, as well as those living around you. The last thing you want is to find that perfect home and find out months later that there are no home owner association rules and the neighbor next door tunes semi-truck mufflers for a living at 3am. If you get the chance while visiting your potential new home take a minute to talk with the next door neighbors if they are out and about, or at the very least make sure you’ve got a decent fence.

Old vs. New:
Older homes can be full of charm and character, unfortunately they can also require a lot of hefty maintenance and updates. While new homes are by no means maintenance free they can come with warranties from builders and are less likely to have any issues with staying up to current code.

Ready to start looking? You can visit my Boise Realtor website to search for homes in Idaho, click this link to find Boise Homes INSTANTLY, or even sign up for my dreamhome program — all you do is enter the details of the home you might be interested in and you will receive listings that meet those criteria directly in your email inbox!

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