Posted by: Larry Stevens | May 11, 2011

Boise HOA Dispute: Signs

There can be any number of items of contention with a homeowner association, but one of the most frequently found is the ability to display signs. Free speech advocates feel their right to say what they like is protected under the Bill of Rights, while the community censors surely advocate the neighborhood be a “sign free zone”. Like many points of conflict, the solution is often found somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

One of the appeals of living in a neighborhood with a homeowners association is the ability to control the look of the community you live in. This is hopefully achieved by adopting standards and rules that all residents agree on and adhere to. For the most part these regulations are set forth for the benefit of all who live in the community; hope to increase the aesthetic quality of everyone’s home through uniform appearance. This concept applies to signs as well; when a signs size or subject matter are not controlled they can impact the communities character to those who visit it.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign…

If you have a sign to display first consider the size. You likely will cause nothing but disputes if you try and put up a 40 foot billboard on your lawn, no matter what the message is. Smaller is better; generally there are a number of small signs that are allowed by homeowners associations like For Sale, For Rent and Garage Sale signs.

Think about how the sign is mounted. Nailing signs to trees is damaging and can encourage infections that can eventually kill the tree itself. Duct taping signs to light posts can be against the law in some cities, and looks tacky overall. Consider using metal framed signs, or ones that can be inserted
with a small spike into the ground.

One sign is good, two hundred is better, right? No. One sign generally will do the job. There is no need to line your yard like the local Chevy dealers car lot. If you are having a yard sale in a difficult to navigate subdivision a few arrow signs might be good to help people navigate, but there is no need to become the Burma Shave of the sub by having a sign every five feet.

Put them up, take them down. There’s nothing worse than see old ragged signs still up from last months garage sale. Make sure if you put a sign up that you also take it down when the event or purpose for posting the sign is done.

Thinking about all of these things when placing a sign in your community is a good idea. It can not only help make your neighborhood a better place but also help avoid any fees or head butting with your homeowners association. There are any number of venues available to exercise your right of free speech but posting opinions on signs in the yard or community likely isn’t the best place.

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