Posted by: Larry Stevens | November 22, 2011

Boise Home Seller Tips: Selling in Winter

As the end of the year closes in many home sellers are bundling down to wait out the long winter rather than pursuing their goals to get out of their current home. Doubtlessly this is in part due to some being worried about the market conditions or uncertainty about real estate in the coming year.

Don’t let the winter wonderland distract you from making the most of your homes selling potential. Selling is a challenge for most sellers, although some markets are better than others. Unfortunately, unless you bought more than eight to 10 years ago and preserved your equity, you may not be able to sell for enough to pay off the mortgages secured against the property and the other costs of selling.

For those with fewer asset options a short sale or foreclosure may be the best option. Should that be that case look into what government programs may be of assistance, talk to your attorney, and especially find a qualified Idaho Realtor to work with.

With the inventory going down homes in Boise and the surrounding area are seeing a rebound. Home sellers who have the resources to make up the difference between the sale price and the amount they owe will need to ask themselves if they are ready to move now or take a chance on a rise in prices once Spring thaw comes.

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