Posted by: Larry Stevens | March 29, 2012

New Article: How Home Depot is Spinning the Early Spring for the Housing Market

New Article: How Home Depot is Spinning the Early Spring for the Housing Market
A new article has been posted on our blog by Dan Moyle:

How Home Depot is Spinning the Early Spring for the Housing Market

A lot of folks have spring fever right now, enjoying an early spring after a mild winter (not everyone, but many states). Because of this, many homeowners are already working on spring home improvement projects. The Home Depot knows this, and is taking full advantage of the mindset. The home improvement giant is running its third annual “Spring Black Friday” promotion right now. It got us thinking: a lot of home improvement projects fall under the do-it-yourself (DIY) umbrella. This means they’re not eligible for FHA 203k financing for home improvements. However, some projects are big enough that you might want a professional to tackle them, rolling the cost into the life of the mortgage.

So, here are 5 spring DIY home improvement projects you could find at The Home Depot “Spring Black Friday” event, followed by 5 spring home improvement projects you could finance with the FHA 203k.

DIY Spring Home Improvement Projects
Spruce up landscaping. From flower beds to mulch and bush trimming, you can find a lot of supplies at the store to take care of this kind of work.
Powerwash the house. Maybe you see dried grass clippings from last year or cobwebs. You could buy a power washer and do this each season.
Clean out gutters. Buy a ladder at this major sale and clean your own gutters.
Replace old door handles. This is an easy way to spruce up old doors. Plus it’s like changing your passwords – new locks are a good safety tool!
Plant seedlings to have trees (someday). Add some flowering trees so next spring you’ll have a beautiful yard.
Spring Home Improvements for the FHA 203k
New windows. Maybe you noticed over the winter that it was drafty in the house. How is the time of year to find a contractor to help replace old windows with new, better-insulated windows.
Roof repair/replacement. Winter can be hell on a roof. Ice dams, snow melt and freezing winds can create problems. Consider hiring a professional to fix that roof.
Plumbing problems. Maybe your pipes froze or you noticed your pipes are just old. Replace the plumbing and roll the cost into an FHA 203k refinance.
Replace old doors. While you can replace door handles (see above) fairly easily, replacing doors with better, newer models may take a bit more work.
Kitchen renovation. New cabinets/counters and new appliances can really go far in making your home feel like new. Roll these costs into one mortgage (it’s not a HELOC or second mortgage) with the FHA 203k.
Learn more about the FHA 203k and the kinds of projects you can finance with the king of home improvement loans. Download the free “FHA 203k Survival Guide” at the button below. It’s a short guide that covers just about every aspect of the 203k from the Full 203k to the 203k Streamline. Get your free copy today. And if you’re a DIY kind of person, enjoy the Home Depot “Spring Black Friday” sale!

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