Posted by: Larry Stevens | April 28, 2012

New Article: Why the But Loan Rocks

New Article: Why the But Loan Rocks

A new article has been posted on our blog by Dan Moyle:

Why the But Loan Rocks



but loan old living roomWhat happens when a real estate agents shows a house she thinks would be perfect for her buyers, but they say “I’d buy this house but it’s so outdated inside. The carpets are old and the paint is ugly. Plus the kitchen needs some remodeling.” What happens is that agent has to go back to the drawing board and load the clients back in her car and drive around looking for the “perfect home.”

Unfortunately for everyone involved, that “perfect home” is difficult – if not impossible – to find. Instead of driving all over the place looking for a house that doesn’t exist, the agent could solve the problems that come after that “but” with the But Loan® renovation mortgage option. It’s not just a funny name – although admit it, it kind of makes you want to smile. The But Loan is a way to remember that whatever comes after that “I’d love this house BUT…” can be solved by this home improvement loan program.

  • No deck to go with the sliding glass door?
  • Kitchen in need of remodeling?
  • Bathroom need a desperate makeover?
  • Old carpet and linoleum make the house look like it has disco fever?
  • Windows remind you of a “barely there” bikini letting all the air in?

You can solve so many of these issues with the But Loan renovation option. Watch this music video inspired by the Ramones, “The But Loan Rocks” to get a better visual.

Click here to go to the original post and watch the YouTube Video


Trouble seeing the video? Click here – The But Loan Rocks

You can learn about the But Loan and how this option puts the FHA 203k to use for you (or your clients if you’re a real estate agent). Download “The FHA 203k Survival Guide

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