Posted by: Larry Stevens | May 16, 2012

New Article: Should You Sell Your Home in the Current Housing Market?

New Article: Should You Sell Your Home in the Current Housing Market?

A new article has been posted on our blog by Dan Moyle:

Should You Sell Your Home in the Current Housing Market?



should i sell my homeThe current housing market in the U.S. is showing signs of recovery. Prices are stabilizing and sales figures have been looking good over the last few months. The economy as a whole is picking up and the revival, though slow, is informing the decision of many prospective home owners that perhaps it’s time to make a move.

The real estate market is at best unpredictable with buyers and sellers relying on factors like trends and the state of the economy to make decisions. The current housing market is rather uneven with high margin month by month fluctuations. It is difficult to know whether selling would be a good idea at the moment but some key factors will guide one to a good decision.

Look at your reason for considering selling. Sometimes, the decision is out of one’s hands such as relocating for work, a divorce or lost income. Other times, it may be wanting to downsize or upgrade or less urgent factors. Getting the real reason clear is important in making the right decision.

The other factor to consider is whether there are any alternatives. Look at all the possibilities, even the ones that seem unworkable. Think about waiting for a while, remodeling to get the extra space, taking in a paying lodger and all other alternatives that can buy time until the current housing market picks up and you can sell for a better rate.

It is also important to take a long view of things. The real estate market started to go down in 2006 before hitting an even plane in 2010.  Signs of recovery then started to be seen at different paces in different states around the country. At the moment, the economy, including the real estate market is been on a delicate recovery path. Looking back at this, it looks like things are starting to pick up and one could sell at a better rate later than if one decided to sell at the moment.

All this said, it would do no harm to start scouting for buyers. With the expected economic recovery, people are starting to consider makes moves in the real estate market once again.  More jobs are being created, people are starting to spend more and to consider larger investments like a house. Lenders are also becoming more approachable. Put your house on the market now and you could make a quick sale in the not too distant future.


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