Posted by: Larry Stevens | October 4, 2013

Where can I go to report an appraiser’s incompetence? ID

Here is a question I found and 2 great answers, hope this may help someone out there.

Where can I go to report an appraiser’s incompetence?

ID • Wed Aug 28, 2013

We are purchasing a newly built home. The appraisal was done 1st on the dirt, then mid stream and then finally on the completed home. The original contract price was the base price not taking into consideration any upgrades that were done. The final appraisal has been received and there have been no changes at all to the appraisal. It’s a duplicate of the first. Literally. Our new purchase price is $13,000 over the original contract price because of several upgrades not unlike our neighbors. The builder and the realtors assured us the appraisal would come back reflecting that because several other homes are being built on the same street by the same builder. They’ve never experience this before and everyone is baffled. BTW….the report was rejected by the lender 4 times because of other random errors they’ve found. So do appraisers have any higher power to answer to or are we at the mercy of whatever they’re feeling that day? Why can’t we have another appraisal done?



As a former appraiser, I can understand your concerns. You can’t keep ordering appraisals until you get one you like, but if there are verifiable comparable sales and the appraiser either didn’t use them or didn’t research the finishes of the other houses so he/she could make the appropriate adjustments between homes, which are another issue.

Typically, contacting your lender to ask them to contact the third-party company that ordered the appraisal work to start with is a good first step. Then, if nothing else contact the Bureau of Occupational Licensing in Boise, Idaho to report the appraiser. They will review his/her work and determine if they are following the appropriate steps.


Appraisals can be interesting in today’s market. Some lenders have to go through third party “appraisal management company’s ‘ AMC’s” so there is more bureaucracy and ultimately less pay being forwarded to the actual appraiser, so many of the “good ones” have left the industry. ;(

If we can use the website noted below to report the bad ones, maybe we can get closer to back on track!

Web Reference:


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